We all know social media, especially Twitter, has left an indelible mark on news and given us incredible insight on what’s trending and what’s to come.  It’s also no secret brands and talent are starting to use analytical tools to track what others are saying about them, as a means to forecast and strategize.

There are often interesting and consistent parallels to social buzz and real world success.  One powerful example was the impact Twitter had on the Casey Anthony defense strategy.

Therefore, after stumbling across a post on Mashable that features interesting data from NM Incite and the Grammys, today’s post is a curious look ahead to the Grammys to see if the artists with the most social buzz will be the ultimate winners (graphs below if you’d like to keep score at home).  It begs a good question:  is the Recording Academy in-step with the fans?

We’ll all find out Sunday night.  Enjoy the Grammys.  And while we’ll always try to not sound like your parents, support the artists you love by buying their music, not illegally download it.

For a few more graphs, click here.  Thanks to Mashable and NM Incite.